What Is Abstract Art?

To understand “Abstract” art, one needs to understand the term Abstract or Abstraction means “to simplify”.

It is impossible to accurately represent a 3-dimensional scene onto a 2-dimensional canvas.

Therefore the artist had to come up with a way to represent reality onto the canvas. He had to come up with artistic techniques and a symbology set that satisfied his version of reality. The symbols that were chosen are simplifications of reality, i.e. abstractions. This is true of the oldest art to modern art – Egyptian, Renaissance, Oriental, Impressionist, or Expressionist. In short, all art is an abstraction – but to what degree?

A YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kdzGAjG26s ) shows the progression of art from the impressionist period of the late 1800’s through the abstract expressionist period of the late 1950’s.

I hope this video helps you to begin to understand and appreciate abstract art.

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