Should I Buy Abstract Art

I have been asked by a number of people “Why should I buy an abstract painting”. The question can be expanded to “which painting should I buy”. A second and related question is “should I buy an original or a fine art print”.


The simple answer is to listen to your heart. Buy the painting that you like and buy the painting or print that you can afford. If the art speaks to you – buy it. 


However, the answer can become more complex depending on a number of factors.


  • First you should buy the piece of art, independent of style, which you like and strikes a positive emotional response from you. Collectors should also follow this advice, even when collecting work from a specific artist. 


  • Contemporary (Abstract) pieces can mix with traditional pieces. If you like the piece, buy it – it will fit with the rest of your art.


  • Original paintings are more costly, however they should hold their value and can become “good investments”. Prints, however, are more affordable and are perfect for those on a budget.


  • Small original paintings may be a perfect solution to fill that tiny space remaining on your art wall.


  • Prints also may be purchased in different sizes to fit into a specific location in your room. They can be either larger or smaller than the original art. 


  • Prints are also perfect for designers or home stagers who are purchasing art for a specific motif.


Remember – “the art does not have to match the couch”.


I offer both originals and prints of most of my paintings in order to satisfy a wide audience. My website also features the “Augmented Reality” technology, that allows you to view how a painting will look on your specific wall. This takes much of the guess work out of purchasing a piece of art on-line.