Art is Communication

Art is a form of communication – a visual communication between me, the artist, and you, the viewer. My goal as an artist is to grab your attention and to communication my message to you. The message may be an expression, impression, emotion, feeling or something else.

When I sit at the gallery, I watch people as they view the art. I especially watch as they stop and look closely at a piece, and they may do that only once or twice during their entire visit. But when they stop, I know that the piece has touched them in some way. At that point, I will approach them and begin a conversation with them about the piece.

I appreciate when you “like” my art on my Facebook page or sign up for my newsletter. That is a sign to me that I have successfully communicated with you and touched you in some way through my art.

I also get some people who do not appreciate my work and say things like “my kid could paint that”. That is a harsh criticism, put as an artist I still feel as if I have done my job. I have communicated with that viewer and have prompted him to write his emotional response to my art. My work affected him strongly enough that he took the time to write a response rather than just scrolling past the image.

As you may know, I am a You Tube fan. Here is a link to a video “My Cat Could Make That” ( that talks more about the appreciation of abstract art.

The attached paintings “Winter’s Night” and “Winter Symphony” were made for a show with the theme “Color of Winter”. The paintings illustrate my feeling about winter; the long, cold, gray nights (yes, even in Southern Utah) and the many tones of blue that one can see in freshly fallen snow. I hope you enjoy them.

"Winter's Night"


"Winter Symphony"

I was honored that my painting “Winter’s Night” won an honorable mentions in a recent show featuring over 150 paintings.

Go to my Store to view the paintings “Winter’s Night” and “Winter Symphony”. Both are available as Original Paintings and a Fine Art Prints.